PRIVATE KEEP OUT! DIY13 with Curious

In our latest blog post we share the findings from our supported DIY 13 workshop with  Curious (Helen Paris and Leslie Hill), who delivered a weekend of workshops in Hastings in our Earl Street Creative Space. Part of Live Art Development Agency’s DIY programme, Curious delivered PRIVATE KEEP OUT! which playfully looked at ways we might more successfully break down boundaries, develop more successful relationships with each other and find ways to operate on more communal levels.

Here are some images from the weekend along with some findings noted by Curious.


From the outset we were really excited by the quality of the applications we received. Initially we had conceived PRIVATE KEEP OUT! as the one of the next key areas for Curious but because of the urgency of the issues, post Brexit to boot we felt more and more the need to involve others voices, practices and politics. This is even more the case now, after the workshop. The range of artists we worked with  all brought really pertinent issues and creative responses with them. The conversations and creative work around issues and politics of trespass, immigration, asylum, refugee status and experience, borders, Nationalism were incredibly strong.