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Art and Money at the V&A

Friday Late View Presented by home & The Contemporary Department V&A Friday 26th August 2005

A group of the hottest contemporary performance artists presented new work that made a blatant use of that financial exchange. Will you pay to play? A fun packed and provocative night of artists’ interactive performances and games, talks and tours, film screenings and music, investigating the relationship between Art and Money.

Games, Treasure Trail and Lottery: Guests were asked to pay only £1 to enter each of the artist led games, competitions and activities occurring throughout the museum spaces. Play any of the games and you received a V&A lottery ticket, with the Grand Prize Draw at the end of the evening.

Symposium ‘Art & Money’: Discussion preceded by the short film: ‘Kent Beeson’ by Tim Etchells. Chaired by Louisa Buck, with Doug Fishbone (Artist) Lois Keidan (Director of The Live Art Development Agency) Dr Angus Cameron (Lecturer in State Theory at Leicester University)

Film Programme by Jeremy Deller, Lisa Wesley, Doug Fishbone, Tim Etchells.

Artists included: Bob & Roberta Smith, Forced Entertainment (Tim Etchells & Vlatka Horvat), Michelle Roberts & Helena Bryant, Richard Dedomenici, Chris Green,  Marcia Farquhar, Mad for Real, Marseille Figs, Silvana Maimone

Alprazolam 2Mg Online