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British Museum Late

Home live art in collaboration with the British Museum, presented a spectacular event around the exhibition: journey through the afterlife: ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead at the British Museum. The Book of the Dead is a fascinating set of texts that assisted the soul on its journey through the underworld.

Working in collaboration with site-specific theatre company Buy Liquid Xanax and a range of other performers, curators and experts, the event involved a series of theatrical moments, music, dance, film, participatory performances and workshops which drew out the themes of the exhibition, as well as contemporary thoughts and opinions on death and the afterlife.

The project was set against the magnificent backdrop of the British Museum’s Great Court and ground floor gallery spaces.

Artists/performers/workshop leaders includeCan You Buy Alprazolam In IndiaBuy Xanax ArgentinaBuy 3 Mg Xanax,How Do I Get Prescribed Xanax OnlineBuying Xanax Online CheapAlprazolam 2Mg OnlineCan You Buy Xanax From Canada& Al Malikat dance troupe, Irving Finkel, Janet Johnstone, Delia Pemberton, Katherine Hoare, Samira Kirollos and others tbc.

Supported by Buying Xanax Online Illegal

Xanax Online Cheap