Mail: info@homeliveart.com

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HLA Artistic Director Vacancy

After working for Home Live Art for 17 years and 13 years respectively, Mimi Banks and Jane Greenfield are to step down as co-directors in summer 2018 in order to pursue their own creative projects.

Ordering Xanax Online SafeThe search for their replacement is now on!  Recruitment is a 2-stage process including initial Expressions of Interest (submitted October) and formal applications (submitted January 2018). The proposed starting date for the new appointment/s will be April 1st 2018 with a handover period taking place during April–June 2018.  This is an exciting time for the company with opportunities to develop new partnerships, collaborate with stellar organisations already based in the South East region and take work forward in new and adventurous ways.  At this stage we are looking for ideas and encourage applicants to be open and creative in their thinking. The Board of HLA is interested in different models of leadership and wants to encourage individuals, collectives, job shares and existing organizations to apply.


  • Please download the Order Xanax Bars Online CheapThe pack contains job description, details of how to apply, person specification and terms of employment.
  • Please also complete our Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form which can be downloaded Discount Xanax Online
  • Email your Expressions of Interest and completed monitoring forms to jane@homeliveart.com 
  • DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 9amMonday 30th October.

If you have any questions, need help downloading the forms, or need the forms sent to you in a larger format, please contact janine@homeliveart.com

Over the last decade and a half Home Live Art and its small team of producers have developed a reputation for bringing socially engaged live art into mainstream contexts. Projects such as the Church Ale Festival, The Alternative Village Fete and a 3-year national tour with Ida Barr’s Mash Up have helped to establish the comp any’s open and accessible approach to live art programming,while maintaining a sense of risk taking and playful provocation.  While maintaining their national remit, Home Live Art recently relocated to the South East, developing programmes of work for Angel House in Brighton and the Coastal Currents Festival in Hastings. The duo have also secured NPO funding for a further 4 years enabling the company to fully establish itself and its activity in the region.  If you are new to HLA and are interested in applying, we suggest browsing the website to get familiar with our work. Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap is a good place to start, and Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa you can read the news post that first announced the vacancy.

Buy 3 Mg Xanax