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At Home with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Home Live Art are joining forces with Live Art Bistro (LAB) in Leeds to support Folkestone based artist Local Foreigner perform during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa a mini festival of performance presented by LAB featuring over 20 artists from across the UK and Europe.

More about Local Foreigner:

Local Foreigner creates immersive performance installations that merges transmanic techno-folk, oral traditions, sound and costume.

Their  overarching desire is to transform the way we relate to each other & ourselves by looking at the potential connections between technology, social networks and art to reinvent ways of being together.

Local Foreigner is inspired by those who continue crossing borders

More about All these Things:

All These Things is a mini festival of performance presented by LAB featuring over 20 artists from across the UK and Europe.

Happening from 5pm to 5am on 15th August at the Zoo venues in Edinburgh audiences get to choose their own adventure and encounter experimental and transgressive performance, rarely seen at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The performances on offer are durational, or looped, and are scattered around the venues, placing audiences on stage, by the toilets, on the stairs, or in the dressing rooms

Buy Real Xanax Bars

At home with…

At home with…is Home Live Art’s artist development scheme which has included artist bursaries for BUZZCUT Festival in Glasgow Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online and How To Get Alprazolam Online.

Images courtesy of Local Foreigner

Alprazolam 2Mg Online