Performance Salons, Hastings

Performance Salons, Hastings

Popular in the 17th and 18th centuries Literary Salons were inclusive public/private spaces where ideas could be discussed and bodies could gather outside the control of the authorities. Often led by female hosts these gatherings created safe and fertile spaces where silenced voices could be heard and radical thoughts could be activated.

The first Home Live Art Performance Salon was launched in 1999 in a fully inhabited family house in South London. Over 7 years we investigated ‘the home’ as space to make and experience art by producing over 50 different shows in spaces all over the house including the kitchen, bedroom, basement and even in the bath.

In 2017 we reinvented and reimagined these hotbeds of creativity and progressive ideas by creating a series of Performance Salons for the 21st Century. Programming bespoke Performance Salons in the historic restored Regency home Angel House in Brighton as well as a Winter Salon on West Street, Hastings!

Performance Salons are now being planned in residential houses across Hastings so stay tuned for more information.

FAQs for Performance Salon Hosts

If you have a house that you think could be an ideal setting for a salon then please email us at

Image: Robin Deacon
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