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Home Live Exchange at Latitude Festival

Join Home Live Art’s artists and performers for a series of intimate public engagement moments built around swapping informal chat and gossip, partaking in games and group silliness, putting your feet up with a mate, sharing a story with strangers. Stay a while with us, in the early evening you might craft something lovely to donate or to take home, offer yourself up to a wild new hairdo or enjoy a round of disco bingo. As we head into the wee hours you might tell a secret to a sex writer or test your bra unfastening skills. You could ritually offload about an ex-lover or ask that question of a call girl you’ve always wanted to ask. We’d like you to come just as you are, perhaps cross paths with somebody new and leave us just a little bit different.  A participatory event on visitors’ own terms, playing with ideas of exchange, acts of contribution and communal activity, you can come and go, stay and play!



Madame Ex by Catherine Hoffman

The Multiple Bra Challenge  by Jenny Edbrooke

Pegdoll Fantasies  by The Forest of Thoughts

Total Eclipse of The Head by Ella Good and Nikki Kent

Carboot Disco Bingo by Jasmine Loveys & Megan Clark-Bagnall

Coin Operated Girl by Miranda Kane

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