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Call-out for Writers

Home Live Art are seeking writers for Coastal Undercurrents, a pilot writing project running parallel with our Order Xanax Bars Online Cheap 2018.

We are looking for writers who wish to learn more about writing critical responses to live performance. The project is open to aspiring writers of whatever standard, experience or ambition – previous knowledge in either critical writing or experimental performance is desirable but most definitely not essential!

The project has three parts:

1, Workshop run by Discount Xanax Online (11-4pm on Tuesday 18 September)
This one-day workshop led by Diana Damian Martin and Bojana Janković will offer the opportunity to explore writing and criticism in relation to performance, as well as provide reading and resources you can turn to for inspiration and further insight.

2, Attending and writing a response to at least one of the following Home Live Art programmed performances at Coastal Currents:
Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap (The Printworks, 14 Claremont, Hastings) Friday 21st September, 8pm-1am.
– Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa (secret location) Friday 28th September, 7-11pm.

3, Post Festival meet up and debrief (date TBC)
An opportunity to discuss the process with your fellow writers and to think together wth the Home Live Art team about next steps.

Further info

The final written critical responses from participants will be published on the Home Live Art website and social media.

The workshop and events are free to participants and we can offer travel expenses (agreed in advance).

Participants will also be invited to attend Buy Real Xanax Bars on the 7 of September, Home Live Art’s new queer party showcasing cabaret performances from LGBTQ+ artists.

We are especially interested in writers or aspiring writers and from the LGBTQI+ communities.


Deadline to apply: Thursday 6 September

To apply please send a short cover note on why you are interested in the project to Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online FTAO Wayne Herbert.

Buying Xanax Online Cheap