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Home Live Art Salon with Boogaloo Stu

For the next Home Live Art Salon event, we return once again to Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online in Brighton. This time Home Live Art is collaborating with artist How To Get Alprazolam Online to present the premiere of new dark comedy musical Last Orders At The Dog & Dumplings.

Juxtaposed with the splendour of the seafront regency property, Boogaloo Stu’s dark comedy Last Orders At The Dog & Dumplings is an uproarious and merciless exposé of the cold-blooded takeover striking our communities in the name of regeneration. Enjoy a couple of hours at the Salon, where there will be time to have a drink and a chat, take in the show, and wander round the regency rooms of the beautiful Angel House.

About Last Orders At The Dog & Dumplings
With pubs being shuttered at an alarming rate, gentrification continues apace; and it would seem that our communities, both urban and rural, are being hollowed out and left for dead by developers driven by greed. Faced with imminent closure, publicans Kevin and Babs Chisholm from the Dog & Dumplings take on the big boys, in this musical tale of a busy boozer doing battle with dodgy developers.

As the wrecking ball swings ever closer, could Kev and Babs end up under cling film in their own Meat Raffle, or will they make mincemeat of the developers?

Performed by Boogaloo Stu and Flick Ferdinando, Last Orders At The Dog & Dumplings is a riotous knees-up showcasing new writing, character comedy and original music, all the while underlining the serious risks faced by our beloved British pub culture. And to get you in the mood, the show will be preceded by Kev and Babs’ rowdy and hilarious pub quiz; following the show, there will be a rather more sobering post-show discussion about the future of our pubs, chaired by an eminent local publican.

Devised, written and performed by Boogaloo Stu and Flick Ferdinando
Directed by Ed Gaughan
Original music by Angus Greenhalgh
Live score by Greg Mickelborough and Craig Mathewson
Set design by Ben Irwin and Ivan Fabrega
Lighting design by Phil Supple
Sound design by Martin King
Production manager Simon Booth

Supported using public funding from Arts Council England.

Order Xanax Online Legit


Photos courtesy of Mark Vessey.

Can You Buy Xanax From Canada