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Its Great Outdoors! National Theatre, Watch this Space Festival

Its Great Outdoors! National Theatre, Watch this Space Festival, 26th – 29th August, 2011

A long weekend of outdoorsy inspired pursuits devised for an urban audience, curated by home live art and Clare Patey, commissioned by Watch this Space Festival.

‘Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant time – we absolutely loved it!

‘We had a BRILLIANT evening. Really truly unforgettable. Its a special memory that me and my son will cherish forever’ 

The Big Sleepover: National Theatre Square became an inner-city campsite and as the campfire blazed and the barbeque crackled, participants joined us to roast marshmallows, pick up some bushcraft skills and listen to magical stories. Highlights of the evening programme included archeologist led foreshore walks, a singsong by the fire, as well as making your own clay egg cup, fired in the camp kiln overnight, ready for breakfast. Artists included: Martin Brockman, Mike Webber, Can You Buy Xanax From Canada, Buying Xanax Online Illegal, The Dulwich Ukulele Club, The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers, Wildwood Bushcraft

A Crafty Hoedown: it was all thigh slapping and yeeha with an array of great activities to get stuck into, from radical craft in the big tent with Xanax Online 2015‘s TRASH MASH! and a good old-fashioned hoedown outside with the Can I Buy Xanax From Canada 

The Alternative Village Fete: a riotous Bank Holiday weekend of unconventional artists, craftmakers and produce stalls in home live art’s contemporary take on the traditional village fete. All the stalls were skew-whiff versions of everything you’d expect to see at a fete alongside music and mass particpatory fun and games as village life came crashing into the concrete jungle. Artists included: Can I Buy Xanax From Canada, Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Uk, Ordering Alprazolam, Purchasing Xanax In Mexico, Buy Yellow Xanax Bars Online, I Want To Buy Alprazolam Online, Xanax Online CheapBuy Cheap Xanax Online Uk, Xanax Canada Online, Buy Alprazolam Online Uk

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