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Open Call: Drag Performer

Are you an artist based in the South East of England who works with drag?

Home Live Art are currently seeking a Drag Performer to take part in Fantabulosa!, an interactive drag show for children taking place in the town centre of Hastings on Saturday 8th September.

Fantabulosa! will bring together UK drag artists for an unmissable array of interactive children’s activities including; story time sessions and songs, lip-sync choreography, making a statement with make-up and creating fun dress-up looks .

We are looking for a Drag Performer to work together with the Fantabulosa! team to create their own activity within the event and to be part of this fantastical pop-up world of imagination, storytelling and glitter where boundaries are forgotten and everyone and anyone can be whoever they want to be.

Further details:

Fee: £500

Dates: The artist will be required to attend one rehearsal day in late August (date tbc) and one rehearsal day on Friday 7 September. They must also be available all day on Saturday 8 September for the performance.

Gender is not a factor in our selection process: we accept applications from drag performers who identify/perform as any gender.

How to apply

Fill in the Order Xanax Bars Online Cheapor send a video (2 min max length) responding to application form questions to Katy on Discount Xanax Online.

Deadline for applications: Monday 13 August 2018

Please also email Katy if you have any questions about this call-out or the application form.

Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap is devised and produced by Tickertape Productions with suppor from Arts Council England; Commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome & Appetite Stoke and supported using funding provided by the OffSite affiliate partners – Déda, Derby Féste, So Festival and Appetite Stoke.

Buy Xanax Argentina