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Orlando Gough on HMS Belfast

Lead by Composer Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap and commissioned by Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa Trust for The Mayor’s Buy Real Xanax Bars, performed on Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online in association with How To Get Alprazolam Online

‘Not many musicians have the idea of turning an old warship into a giant percussion instrument and Orlando Gough’s Transmission for HMS Belfast proves him to be one of the most inventive and spectacular composers out there’ Louise Gray, writer and critic.

Transmission 2011: High up on the upper decks of Order Xanax Online Legit two percussionists performed a three-minute intense, virtuosic duet in military snare drum style. But instead of snare drums they played on parts of the ship, to create a short, sharp drumming conversation of epic proportions. Commissioned by Buy Liquid Xanax 2011.

XX Scharnhorst 2012: This years large-scale project culminated at Buy Liquid Xanax 2012 and featured up to 90 amateur singers including a German choir and a women’s choir, with members from London some of whom are Russian. The performance also included 15 talented young male percussionists from Young Guildhall. Responding to HMS Belfast’s monumental and haunting past, leading Arctic Convoys in the Second World War, the new composition by Orlando Gough with Director Emma Bernard, concentrated on the ship’s involvement in the sinking of the German ship, The Scharnhorst, on Christmas Day 1943. Exploring themes of mothers and sons through lullabies and laments from the women’s Choir to depictions by the young percussionists of bravery and the hell of battle.

Buy Xanax Argentina

Supported by The Arts Council of England (2012), The Mayor’s Thames Festival, The Imperial War Museum 

Can I Buy Xanax From Canada