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Performance Salon

Join Home Live Art for one of their infamous Performance Salons featuring live presentations from Florence Peake, Catherine Hoffmann, Rocío Boliver and Nando Messias.

Popular in the 17th and 18th centuries Literary Salons were inclusive public/private spaces where ideas could be discussed and bodies could gather outside the control of the authorities. Often led by female hosts these gatherings created safe and fertile spaces where silenced voices could bex heard and radical thoughts could be activated.

Home Live Art aim to reinvent and reimagine these hotbeds of creativity by curating a series of Performance Art Salons in Hastings. Over the course of one evening performances will take place in front of an audience in different spaces inside a regular house.

Each individual performance will be made specifically for space within the home providing the perfect opportunity for us to come together for dialogue, performance and pleasure in the intimate setting of a local Hastings home.

Florence Peake is a London-based artist who has been making work since 1995. Her performance practice uses drawing, painting and sculpture combined with found and fabricated objects placed in relation to the moving body.

Through public performances and carefully choreographed works, Florence Peake challenges notions of physicality, loss and political concerns such as the commodification of art by the corporate world.

By encouraging chaotic relationships between the body and material, Peake creates radical and outlandish performances, which create temporary alliances and micro-communities within the audience.

Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap

Catherine Hoffmann explores the intersection between performance art, theatre, humour and music in a number of solo and collaborative projects.

Described as an elemental weather system, she creates a mixture of interactive one to one performances as well as staged pieces for Art venues, festivals, galleries, cabaret, club settings, one off events and varied sites.

Singing, vocality and DIY song making is a huge part of her practice.

Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa

Rocío Boliver is a Mexican performance artist who creates body art about the many repressive ideologies that burden the lives of women.

“In this pasteurised society, I prefer to cause disgust, hatred, rejection, confusion, weariness, anxiety, hostility, fear … better than to further promote the mental aseptic….I devote myself to transgress limits. I dig into human behavior, inventing my own deranged aesthetic and moral solutions for the ‘problem of age’. I hope my mockery of this absurd contemporary reality exposes a broken society based on looks and how ‘old age’ became synonymous with insult.” – Rocio Boliver

Buy Real Xanax Bars

Nando Messias’ work straddles performance art, dance and theatre.

His performances combine beautiful images with a fierce critique of gender, visibility and violence. He has performed at prestigious venues such as Hayward Gallery, V&A, Tate Tanks, Roundhouse, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Tate Britain and ICA, among other spaces across the UK. He has also worked extensively on the international circuit

Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online

How To Get Alprazolam Online is a performance artist and agitator whose work questions human nature and interrupts social order. Lucy likes to work with found objects and unloved artefacts.

Her work engages with aspects of society that confuse or anger her. Often focusing on capitalism and gender politics, her work manifests itself in interventions, installations, solo performances, film and intimate encounters.

Her first book looking at the relationship between mental health and creativity which will be published by Unbound in early 2019.

For this first Performance Salon we will be presenting two video works from Lucy – Invisible Worms and Version 2.

Please note:  The location of the event will be revealed privately to ticket holders via email one week before the performance date. This event is for over 18s only.

This event is supported by and part of Order Xanax Online Legit in Hastings and St Leonards

Related Touring Project

Buying Xanax Online Illegal