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Alternative Village Fete

‘The Alternative Village Fete skilfully brings together some of the most interesting and accessible Live Art and performance with innovative craft, quirky stalls and participatory activities to create an extraordinary afternoon of enjoyable new experiences for young and old alike’  Lois Keidan, Director of Live Art Development Agency

‘Seriously, serious fun!’ audience member

The Alternative Village Fete was without doubt the best weekend I’ve had this year‘ audience member

The Alternative Village Fete is Home Live Art’s very own anarchic jamboree formed from an ever growing collective of artists, performers, and mischief makers. Expect a sideways slant on the traditional family day out where the folk is activism and the bunting is radical!

An innovative programme of interactive performance and installation projects set across a stage and a number of stalls, creates an alternative village Fete – with a contemporary twist!

We have created bespoke Fete programmes for a wide range of venues and contexts in London and beyond. Partners have included: The National Theatre, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Festival, Latitude Festival, The National Trust’s Tatershall Castle, Royal Holloway’s Science Festival and even a late night Fete for Brighton’s White Night Festival.

The Alternative Village Fete is a flexible model curated and produced by Home Live Art in direct response to a theme or an environment for every new event. No two Fetes are ever the same!

See our Order Xanax Online From Canada from the late night Alternative Village Fete in Brighton at the White Night Festival 2011.

We welcome commissions from venues and festivals, and are always interested in artist proposals for future AVF’s. Please contact Ordering Xanax Online Safe for more information.

Artists have included: Paul L Martin, Cut A Shine, Pom Pom International, Rediscovered Urban Rituals, I Knit London, Shane Waltener, Barby Asante, Bob & Roberta Smith, Vauxhall City Farm, Rock Pool Candy, Society of Wonders, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Ragroof Theatre, Made in China, Victoria Melody, Swing Patrol, Rock a Hula!, Alex Mendham and his Big Band, The Nest, The Dulwich Ukulele Club, The Bollywood Brass Band, Skip Theatre, Rock a Hula! Cut a Shine Collective, The Transsiberian March Band, Paul L Martin, Kidnap Alice, The Hot Potato Syncopators, La-di-dah, Deborah Andrews, Holly Gramazio, Cloth of Gold, The Make Lounge, London Dreamtime, Fran Burden & Richard McVetis, Peggy’s Cupcakes, Bo-Peep Kids, 1623 Theatre Company, Skip Sisters, Michele Bloom, Tom Marsham, DJ El Nino, Emily Fryer, Live Love Hoop, Brian Lobel, Catherine Hoffman, Lone Twin, Baby Warhol, Mutoid Waste, Tom Marshman, 815Agency, Christopher Green, Jenny Edbrooke, Copperdollar, Brighton Belles WI, Strangeworks, Stacy Mackishi, Lois Weaver, Harold Offeh and many more!

Order Xanax Online Legit