Salon 5

Salon 5

Clare Roberts presented an innovative series of new sound pieces, re-enacting two of Harry Houdini’s most daring escapes. Leaky Noises 1: Houdini’s escape from a metal crate, manacles, chains, locks and a straight-jacket whilst submerged in water. Through the layering of sounds and careful control of noises the escape is enacted. The jetty-come-mixing-desk looks out over a deep and turbulent dock, cushions describing the depths and ripples are scoured for signs of successful escape. Leaky Noises 2 : A live burial is activated. Rocks, mud and stones are substituted while the evocative sounds of an escapologist surviving being encased and buried describe the situation more fully. Listening carefully to the noises of breathing the audience wait for the crucial moment of escape..

  • When 6th October 2000

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