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Sharing Picnic

‘It was a sublime afternoon filled with a kaleidoscope of colour and joy. …a victory for hope and optimism all round!‘ Jalal Aziz, Friends of Arnold Circus

The Sharing Picnic 100 was a broad-based collaborative event produced by Home Live Art in partnership with The Friends of Arnold Circus – over 50 local artists from Shoreditch’s artist community joined with local groups, schools, volunteers and neighbourhood businesses and invited people to share in a vibrant community event around food and friendliness: a sumptuous picnic, artists’ fair, bandstand programme and the final challenge to cycle 100 times around the Circus and alternative vehicle parade.

Participatory projects leading up to the event included the production of a beautiful community Cook Book, an Arnold Circus newspaper by Adam Dant and a Kitchen Orchestra created in collaboration with Spitalfields Music by local elders and school children.

Participants: Abake, Aesop, Adam Dant, Alex Bettler, Alex Rich & Momoko Mizutani, Alix McAlister, Ben Freeman & Ditto Press, Bethnal Green Technology College, Bob & Roberta Smith, Brassroots, Cathy Wren, Clare Patey, Columbia Primary School, Cowling & Wilcox, Foodcycle, Francis Thorburn & Richard Elliott, The Gentle Author, Jerome Rigaud Electronest, Jonathan Polkest, Julia, Juliana Ong, La Grotta Ices, London Fire Brigade, Markus & Karin Bergstrom, Mary Spyrou, Matzos, Mc Paul L Martin, Miche Fabre Lewin, Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee & The Clinic, Nazareno Crea, North Brick Lane RA, Poetic Pilgrimage, Rochelle School, Rock A Hula! Romana Sharmin, Search Party, Society of Wonders, Sophie Herxheimer, Spitalfields Music, St Hilda’s Community Centre, St-Pierre & Miquelon, Swing Zazou, Tatty Divine, Thinkpublic, Tim Mitchell, Virginia Primary School, Winkball, Yuri Suzuki.

Supported by: A Foundation, The Albion, Arnold & Henderson, The Arts Council of England, Awards for All, The Big Lunch, Bishopsgate Foundation, Calvert22, Canary Wharf Group, Cowling & Wilcox, Create 10, Foodcycle, Friends of Arnold Circus, Garfield Weston, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Home live art, Joule, The Live Art Development Agency, London Borough of Tower Hamlets Arts & Events, Spitalfields Music, St Katherine & Shadwell Trust.

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