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The Alternative Village Fete at Latitude Festival 2012

The Alternative Village Fete at Discount Xanax Online 2012, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July in the Faraway Forest

A small but perfectly formed Alternative Village Fete with Buy Alprazolam Online Cheap, Catherine Hoffman, Ella Good & Nicki Kent, Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa, Buy Real Xanax Bars, Cheap 2Mg Xanax OnlineHow To Get Alprazolam Online

With an array of fun, entertaining and madcap projects to enjoy, audiences joined the home live art artists at the Latitude Festival in the Faraway Forest are.

Delights included: Tom Marshman’s prophetic Tea Leaf Readings, Richard Dedomenici’s challenge to beat the World Record of x14 swivels on an office chair in The Swivelympics and Ella Good & Nicki Kent’s Total Eclipse of the Head for haircuts inspired by your favourite music. With personalised illustrations from Deborah Andrews’ Pentapaper, (g)love puppets with Booglou Stu and much much more….

Funded by Latitude Festival

Related Touring Project

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