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The Alternative Village Fete at Shuffle Festival 2013

Join Home Live Art for an Alternative Village Fete for the mind. Purge your feelings for that previous partner with an intimate session with Madame Ex, make your brain happy with Eleanor Shipman, and dance away those woes with an altogether different disco bonanza. These, along with several other creative happenings will be at The Day of the Mind at How Do I Get Prescribed Xanax Online. Expect a sideways slant on the traditional family day out where the folklore is activism, your mind is explored, and the craftmaking is radical!

Line-up includes:

Happy Brains with Eleanor Shipman

Join artist Eleanor Shipman to explore what makes you happy. Roll up the sleeves of your white coat and conduct your own happy brain scan! Explore your happiest memories, delve into the depths of your favourite fantastical places or simply share what makes you feel good by creating, drawing and labelling your own happy brain scan!

Madame Ex’s Paint and Purge session with Catherine Hoffmann

Come and sit with portrait painter, come psyche surgeon Madame Ex and share the foibles of your ex, maybe even the virtues. In a playful exploration of loves lost and letting go she will paint their portrait from your lurid description. With a spin of a wheel the messy fate of your Ex’s portrait will be decided – will it be hung up to dry or bucket and bombed? This farewell ritual will be completed with a ceremonial sing a long of a classic break up song.

Total Eclipse of the Head by Ella Good and Nicki Kent

Total Eclipse of The Head is an interactive performance for one. In our salon we create personal cuts and styles inspired by music, while you listen on headphones to your favourite playlist. Choose from The Kate Bush Bush, The 80’s Power Mullet Montage, or let us crimp you back to the 90’s.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent are Bristol based artists who make contemporary performance and live art. They are members of Residence.

Car Boot Disco Bingo by Megan Clark-Bagnall and Jasmine Loveys

Need to stretch your body with a bit of disco dancing? Need to keep your brain active with some bingo? Join us for Carboot Disco Bingo, a fabulously elaborate game everyone can enjoy, good for the body, mind, and soul!

Animated Living Room by The Craftimation Factory

Join us in our cosy quirky living room where you’ll be able to express the contents of your mind by taking part in a collaborative animated film using craft materials. make your clip of work as messy, surreal or ordered as the world inside your head! Make use of your wooly thoughts by making a knitted puppet or having a go with our giant knitting needles.

The Machine of Visual Delights, presented by Penta’paper

It was Master Yoda who I first recall talking about mindfulness. Although I was only 7, I kind of understood what he meant.

What piece of advice or insight would you share with your 7 year old self?

Visit “Penta’paper – The Machine of Visual Delights” and participate in the creation of a unique, bespoke piece of art, for you and your own life’s journey…

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