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“Extraordinary Voices seemed to encapsulate the very best of what London can offer – the chance to discover something new, a real and engaging mix of audience and a cultural collaboration between Home and the Barbican, all of which came together to create a very special weekend.” Moira Sinclair, Executive Director, Arts Council of England, London.

‘It felt amazing to be able to participate in such a beautiful performance. I found being a performer as opposed to a spectator an incredibly emotional and satisfying experience’, partcipant in Swarm, by composer Orlando Gough and director Emma Bernard

Exploring the use of the voice through music, film, song art and performance, Barbican Weekender: Extraordinary Voices brought the Barbican Centre alive with two days of events from artists & performers, choirs, poets, beat boxers, storytellers and installations.

The audience heard incredible music acts such as: traditional Egyptian folk musicians Suhbagiyya, Grammy-nominated Cajun band Feufollet and the infamous Frank Chickens. Choirs from across the city including the London Gay Men’s Chorus and Streetwise Opera. Beats and spoken word, from Tongue Fuand the female beat-box sensation The Boxettes tackled topics from every day life. Opportunities for the audience and participants to get involved included: joining Phil Minton to create the Feral ChoirIda Barr’s inter-generational Mash-up, Mikhail’s ‘What Work Sounds Like’ and Swarm by Orlando Gough.

Artists includedBuy Xanax ArgentinaBuy 3 Mg XanaxHow Do I Get Prescribed Xanax OnlineBuying Xanax Online CheapAlprazolam 2Mg Online Can You Buy Xanax From CanadaBuying Xanax Online IllegalXanax Online 2015Can I Buy Xanax From CanadaXanax Cheapest OnlineCan You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In UkOrdering AlprazolamPurchasing Xanax In Mexico,Buy Yellow Xanax Bars Online.

Supported by the I Want To Buy Alprazolam Online & Xanax Online Cheap

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