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Ida Barr’s Mash Up is a radical inter-generational participatory live art project, which combines song, dance, writing, performance and cabaret. The project bridges the gap between generations, through a shared interest in popular cultural forms such as rap, music hall, reggae, R&B and dance and is led by artist Christopher Green’s notorious performance character, Buy 3 Mg Xanax, a female Victorian Music-Hall star who also raps.

‘Marie Lloyd meets Missy Elliott. Awe inspiring‘ The Guardian

‘For Peckham Shed being part of the Mash-up was a really wonderful experience and performing alongside Ida Barr was really special and fun. It was a really positive way of meeting older community members and there was a strong sense of community between us all and a desire from the younger and older participants to communicate and celebrate together which added a beautiful element to the day.‘ Peckham Shed Theatre Director, participants, 2010 & 11.

Through a series of workshops with older and young people’s groups, the project culminates in a joyous public Mash-up with all participants, their families and the wider community.

How Do I Get Prescribed Xanax Online was performed in Myatt’s Fields Park, Camberwell and included Buying Xanax Online Cheap Tea Dance and performances by local dance groups. In 2011 the Mash-up was a part of the Alprazolam 2Mg Online produced by home live art, at Can You Buy Xanax From Canada.

In 2012, Buy 3 Mg Xanax presented a special Xanax Online 2015 at the National Theatre and was part of Can I Buy Xanax From Canada at Xanax Cheapest Online in Nursery Row Park in Southwark.

In 2013, The Mash Up Tour saw Ida in residence at Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Uk in Yorkshire, and at Ordering Alprazolamlaunching the amazing new Queen Elizabeth Park in East London.

This year 2014, Ida Barr will visit Purchasing Xanax In Mexico in May, Birmingham Hippodrome in August and Sheffield’s Festival of The Mind in September. Watch this space for dates and details.

Funded by the City Bridge Trust, The Barbican Centre, The Arts Council of England, The National Theatre



Project Details

Other Touring Projects

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