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Highlights of recent press coverage for Home Live Art include:

“This genteel, elegant live art experience, where the curation, presentation, attention to detail and management of people has made the two hours hugely enjoyable, and is a perfect fit for Brighton Festival’s theme of ‘home’ this year”
Total Theatre review of At Home: A 21st Century Salon at Brighton Festival, May 2016. Read here.

“Having spanned both the very small and very large, here are some considerations for producing experimental or interactive work in these two contexts”
Art meed audience: how to create unique, immersive experiences written by Mimi Banks in The Guardian Culture Professionals 2016. Read here.

“We play with ideas around the familiar, the homely, the everyday, and have a long history of exploring the domestic as an environment to make and experience art.”
At Home: A 21st Century Salon in The Stage’s Brighton Festival feature 2016. Read here.

“Home Live Art’s interactive literary salon event sold out quickly, but when she met the audience Mimi Banks was best price levitra generic surprised. She reflects on the difficulties of marketing interactive live art”
Feeling at Home article written by Mimi Banks for Arts Professional 2016. Read here.

“The Home Live Art Exchange is a playful programme of happenings, interactions and games curated around the theme of Exchange between live art artists and festival goers”  
Latitude Lowdown for The Reviews Hub 2015. Read here.

“we will need to be extremely creative with our resources, build mutually beneficial partnerships and continue to demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude!”
Jane Greenfield feature on Arts Professional’s Job Ladder 2014. Read here.

“Not many arts festivals can boast of doubling their visitor numbers in just a year”
The Brighton Argus on  Coastal Currents Festival 2014

“risk is where it’s at. As producers we make creative ideas happen in real life”
Interview with Mimi Banks in Guardian Culture Professionals 2014 Read here

“it’s the small, curated spaces like Forest Fringe and Home’s Alternative Village Fete that work best”
Latitude Festival review 2014. Read here.

“Beautiful, grown-up and erudite: Coastal Currents festival returns with sawing and feathers” 
Ben Miller. Culture 24 on Coastal Currents Festival 2014

“The Mash Up is definitely an immediate and spontaneous event – a mass singing experience that brings everyone together in a wonderfully chaotic and energised environment”
Jane Greenfield discusses the Cross Generational Mash Up in Exeunt Magazine 2015. Read here.

“Coastal Currents  is an ambitious performance festival that also connects with the fantastic sense of civic ritual that exists in Hastings”
BBC Arts online article on Coastal Currents Festival 2014

“The festival promises much: fantasy, imagination and an invitation to see the world from a different perspective” 
Hastings Online Times on Coastal Currents 2014

“Home Live Art’s signature Alternative Village Fete is a wonderfully curious blend of performance, craft
and folk culture’” 
Diana Damian 2013.Read here 

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