Science Fact, Science Fiction

The Alternative Village Fete at Royal Holloway Science Festival

Science Fact, Science Fiction

It might have been sleeting and snowing outside but home live art‘s fun and fantastic science themed Alternative Village Fete gleefully took over halls and corridors at Royal Holloway University as part of their annual Science Festival.

Audiences joined us for 815 Agency’s anarchic Space Race take on sack & snail races; Troublemaker Theatre‘s making and then flying the most aerodynamically perfect paper craft; Richard DeDomenici continued his Swivelympics challenge for the most swivels in a standard office chair; Seth Kriebel brought his engaging game the Unbuilt Room to the fete; Made In China ran a riotous gameshow with all things science for topics; Mirror Mirror ran magic lantern slide making and viewing workshops and tours; Ella Good & Nicki Kent presented a glimpse into another world of science fact or fiction; Deborah Andrews and Pentapaper illustrated answers to a range of science queries; Tim Cockerill presented Dr Sparks & Miss Electra an ‘electric act’ blurring the boundaries between showmanship, art and science; Search Party gave everyone the opportunity to bring out their inner alien; Richard Robinson brought his ‘Incredible Machine’; the Wind Ups DJs brought their music and all was presided over by our MC Paul Martin.

Commissioned By The Royal Holloway University of London. Supported by Arts Council of England.

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