An Audience with Bob & Roberta Smith: Women Should be in Charge

An Audience with Bob & Roberta Smith: Women Should be in Charge

An Audience with Bob & Roberta Smith: Women Should be in Charge A FREE event on Friday 20th May, 2011

A night of performance, music, participatory activities, films and talks curated and presented by artist Bob & Roberta Smith, which celebrated powerful female voices from the worlds of art, music and politics.

During the evening Bob & Roberta Smith also invited the audience to sign up to Esther’s Law: A new law based on a sculpture by Jacob Epstein of his teenage daughter, which seems to challenge the male hegemony of art and suggests society should create a truly representative political system in parliament, including 50% of women.

Programme Details: 

Culture Now a discussion with Bob & Roberta Smith and Cedar Lewisohn

Constructive Criticisms Bob & Roberta Smith created a limited series of unique artworks using components form the ICA Studio renovation project.

Panel Discussion ‘Women Should be in Charge’ chaired by curator and broadcaster Cecilia Wee with guests Sonia BoyceProfessor Janet NewmanAna Laura Lopez de La Torre and Bob & Roberta Smith and including a 30 minute cut from John Rogers documentary film about Bob & Roberta Smith ‘I should be in charge’, followed by a screening of a series of films, all night, by artist Katherine Araniello.

Performances, music and participatory activity in the bar and theatre included a Feminist Icon Fanzine Workshop run by Bob & Roberta Smith and his students, interactions with a parade of female performers dressed up as Modern Art Stars by Jessica Voorsanger and a re-enactment of Yves Klein’s infamous Monotone Symphony, with male rather then female models by Deej Fabyc. There were also new performances by Oriana FoxMel Brimfield & Joanna Neary and music from The FucksFlame Proof Moth and Noctum Rectum and a DJ set featuring ‘Women with Powerful Voices’ (including 1960’s girl groups) and visuals, from artist Lucienne Cole.

Bob & Roberta Smith


Supported by Cowling & Wilcox

  • When Friday 20th May 2011

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