Artist Development: Adam Frost

Artist Development: Adam Frost

“I create something beautiful and shiny to try and get away from the darkness” – Adam Frost

Home Live Art are currently supporting Hastings based artist Adam Frost on the development of their new project STUCK, a year long performance project examining mental health, class precarity and queer experience through a series of autobiographical performances. Including:

Sink Plunger
A multi-disciplinary performance exploring the intersections of contemporary queerness and mental health. Featuring manic visions of sequins, foils, velvet, tinsel, crying paintings, self-portraiture, visuals and sound. It is a metaphor for plunging your life away – over thinking, over pumped, over worked, exhausted, anxious and lonely. This performance is a big sticky, messy mass of genres and contradictions.

Fusing together visuals, text, fashion and music SENDX43 attempts to question the inner workings of our mind through a series of out-of-body experiences. 

Sometimes you can’t stop overthinking. 

Further info 

Adam has been commissioned by Home Live art and New Queers on the Block to undertake a period of research and development leading to a showing of new work in Hastings in September 2019.

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