Ann-Marie LeQuesne: Assemble

Ann-Marie LeQuesne: Assemble

Ann-Marie LeQuesne invited you to home movies at home London
 Friday 18th November 2005

On June 7th 2005 a large group gathered at IKEA Edmonton for family photographs. The group was a fake group who were, mostly, not related to each other. They had come to IKEA for ASSEMBLE, the 8th Annual Group Photograph.  On November 18th the ASSEMBLE photographs were displayed at home in south London.
The Annual Group Photograph began in 1997. Each year since then LeQuesne has asked participants (various each year) to come together solely for the purpose of posing for a group photograph. The event has gathered a core of faithful participants as well those attracted by the particular venue. Venues, to date, include the Stage of the Royal Albert Hall, the Millenium Dome, Arsenal Football Grounds, Trafalgar Square/Senate Square, Helsinki.

Assemble was supported by The Arts Council England

  • When Friday 18th November 2005

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