Live performance in your own home?

Live performance in your own home?

Home Live Art are currently seeking residents of Hastings and St Leonards who may be interested in hosting a Performance Salon in their home. Could it be you?

Popular in the 17th and 18th centuries Salons were inclusive spaces where ideas could be discussed and radical thoughts could be activated.

Home Live Art have been producing our own contemporary Performance Salons since 1999.  In 2018 we aim to reinvent and reimagine these hotbeds of creativity by curating a series of Performance Art Salons in Hastings.

Over the course of one evening live performance from some of the most exciting local and national artists will take place in different spaces inside a regular home in Hastings.

Each individual performance will be made specifically for a space within the home (eg. living room, garden, hall etc) and each Performance Salon will have minimum three performances. The audience size will be agreed in advance and vary according to each home.

Homes can be any size or shape as we create the Salon in direct response to each individual space – all that is essential is that you have a willingness to have some exciting Performance Art happen live in your home.

Are you interested in hosting a Performance Salon?

Then email Katy at and we will get back to you with more details.

FAQs for hosts

What are the timings on the day?
Home Live Art and the artists usually arrive late afternoon to setup, Guests arrive early evening, and the whole event is over by 10pm at the latest.

How do people get tickets?
Tickets can be reserved via the Home Live Art website one month before the Performance Salon with the location sent privately to ticket holders the day before the event – your address will not be made public at anytime.

Will my home be safe?
Yes. Home Live Art audiences are hugely respectful towards their Hosts, and our team will be on hand to clean up after every performance. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, we will accept full responsibility for any damage incurred.

Will the neighbours complain?
We encourage our artists not to use amplified sound, so the noise level is kept quite low. Also, our Salons are relatively short, normally finishing before 10pm. Of course, you can always invite the neighbours along!

Can my friends come?
Definitely! A few spots are always reserved for friends of the Host.


Image: Robin Deacon, Performing Kitchen. Taken at Home Live Art: Performance Salon #4

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