Coastal Currents 2014

Coastal Currents 2014

We’re excited to return to Hastings and St Leonards to co-produce Coastal Currents Arts Festival.

This year we have yet another incredible series of performances and live events, in addition to the usual mix of exhibitions, open studios and events.

FREE and accessible to all, we ensure that the festival and programme is as interactive and engaging as possible; taking place in public spaces around Hastings and St Leonards and bringing in thousands of visitors and tourists alike.


Programme highlights include:

Kate MccGwire – New Commission for Coastal Currents Festival

Saturday 30 August – Sunday 14 September, 10am – 6pm

The Basement, St Mary in the Castle, Hastings,

Internationally acclaimed artist Kate MccGwire has been commissioned by Coastal Currents to create a site specific work in the unique environment of the crypt at St Mary in the Castle.

Vast layers of feathers will create an undulating, organic, otherworldly form in response to the unusual shapes of the recessed crypt.


Alice Anderson – New commission for Coastal Currents Festival.

Saturday 30 August – Sunday 14 September

Exterior of Dyke and Dean, 14 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HA

Alice Anderson will create a new site responsive sculpture made of copper mesh which will be displayed for the duration of the festival.

French-Algerian artist Alice Anderson creates beautiful, arresting and tactile artwork and installations by winding or wrapping objects or locations in copper. Recent projects have focused on ‘weaving’ items as small as her laptop or a cola bottle and as large as buildings including the Freud Museum in London.


A String Section By Reckless Sleepers

Saturday 30 August, 1pm

Stade Open Space

At first glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary in our opening festival performance. A group of well dressed but ordinary women, seated on an array of wooden chairs. Look closer and you will notice each carries a saw.

What follows is a physically demanding and sometimes comedic onslaught of destruction and dexterity! The saw against wood and the laboured breathing of the performers becomes the soundtrack as they try to remain on their chairs while simultaneously sawing them to pieces.


Melt Down By Rosemary Lee

Sunday 7 September, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm

Alexandra Park. Middle Lawn – Audiences are asked to gather by The Bandstand.

Quietly and gently, a large group of men gather in the park. They raise their arms overhead and gaze skywards, ready to move. Over the next ten minutes, with a single deep toll of a bell marking each minute, the men slowly, slowly melt to the ground.

Created by artist Rosemary Lee, known for devising large-scale, site-specific pieces with cross-generational casts, Melt Down is a very simple but powerful statement. The image of a large group of men, moving slowly, almost meditatively; conjures up countless images of fragility, tenderness and movement-defying gravity.


Points of View Roz Cran – New commission for Coastal Currents Festival.

Pop-up locations around Hastings, over festival weekends.

Keep your eyes peeled for a candy-striped canvas structure, reminiscent of seaside attractions and Punch and Judy, popping up around town. Akin to a bird hide, with viewing slits at various heights, this structure will be found quietly positioned on the fringes of activity, tempting you to step inside. Once inside, take a moment to view things in an unusual way, change your perspective and perhaps find an unfamiliar focus.


To the World’s End By Frank Boelter

Sunday 14 September

Boat Build: 10.30am near the swan pedalo lake – all welcome. Boat Procession followed by Boat Launch: 3pm from Rock a Nore Beach*

With the help of the public, a little imagination and a large quantity of Tetra Pak packaging paper, German artist Frank Boelter, uses the familiar paper-folding technique of origami to create a large, lifesize boat. The result is simple and charming if not a little precarious!

With the help of the Hastings Voluntary Lifeguards, Boelter will launch his vessel into the sea from Rock A Nore beach….weather permitting!


For full programme information visit the Coastal Currents website.

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