Extraodinary Voices: Tate Britain

Extraodinary Voices: Tate Britain

Late at Tate Britain – Friday 4th December, 2009

home live art presented Extraordinary Voices at Tate Britain with artists, performers, choirs and communal singing which explored the use of the voice as an instrument of extraordinary physical and cultural resonance.

‘Extraordinary Voices did what good art must do – transform the space the body finds itself in – with long-eared shadows touching the walls of the Durveen Galleries, and the lighted glass ceiling responding as if to the sweet pure songs of Mikhail Karikis as it rose; then the plangent harmonies of the London Bulgarian Choir imitating the expansiveness rural silence delivers – art comes around you as you stand still. A great evening’ Cherry Smyth, critic and poet.

‘Thanks a lot for the opportunity to join this wonderful event! A friend and me joined the Feral Choir and it was fantastic!‘ audience member

Featuring: Adey Grummet & Kayte Harding from The Shout, DJ Eric Soul & Afrogroov, The Funk Chorus, Geoff Fazan, The London Bulgarian Choir, Maspindzel, Mikhail Karikis, Phil Minton & The Feral Choir.

  • When Friday 4th December 2009

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