Franko B – Oh Lover Boy Salon

Franko B – Oh Lover Boy Salon

Franko B – Oh Lover Boy May 4-1 July 2001

Known for his spectacular and challenging live performances involving his own blood; Franko B presented a body of work in the house including: wall-based pieces, objects and installation works, which complement and explore his performance presence and obsessions.

In this special exhibition of works at home, the domestic spaces are filled with a range of works, which both embody and challenge the space. Having spent a period of his childhood in Italy in a Red Cross orphanage, Franko B’s relationship to the comforts and dangers of home are complex and unique. The Red Cross symbol is one of the central motifs in his work, occurring again and again, inscribed onto a range of found objects, from a child’s pushchair to ordinary house hold objects, such as chairs, tables and garden implements. These and other ‘ready-mades’ were encountered around the house during the course of the exhibition.

  • When May 4-1 July 2001

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