We are delighted to announce that Gillie Kleiman’s ground-breaking project ‘friend’ will be coming to Hastings. 

friend‘ is a one-of-a-kind performance experience designed exclusively for non-professional dancers to showcase their talent within the comfort of their own homes, with an audience composed solely of their friends. 

‘friend’ invites the audience to see their cherished ones from a fresh perspective through the medium of contemporary dance. Prepare to embark on a journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of human connection.

Drawing inspiration from domestic performance practices, ‘friend’ takes cues from beatnik poetry recitals and children’s pop concerts. It creates a warm and inviting context that introduces performers and audience members alike to the skill and joy of watching contemporary dance. 

Reflecting on their experience as part of ‘friend’ in other places in England, one performer described it as “a liberating experience, scary & wonderful. I am so proud of myself for doing it!”. The small groups of friendly witnesses who attended the performances expressed equal enthusiasm, with one attendee stating, “I thought it was a brilliant, touching thing and a fantastic way of bringing people together,” and another describing it as “moving, amazing, funny, brave, thought-provoking. I was very proud of her!”

Gillie Kleiman shares her excitement about bringing ‘friend’ to Hastings, saying, ‘I am overjoyed to bring this intimate and playful exploration of contemporary dance to the South East. ‘friend’ has the power to create connections, spark conversations and inspire joy in movement and I can’t wait to witness the magic that unfolds when ‘friend’ meets the dynamic energy of the people of Hastings. I loved being part of Home Live Art’s Knotty festival in 2019 and I’m looking forward to reconnecting!’

‘friend’ will be launched in October 2023. You can add your name to this form now to make sure you’re the first to know all the details.

More information on the artist

Gillie Kleiman works with and in dance and choreography, creating performances, texts, events and pedagogical encounters.

Gillie’s work has a persistent interest in both the figure and the activity of the non-professional, and many of the projects have involved participation of non-professional collaborators or of the audience. In 2020, Gillie initiated a new cycle of thinking and working about fat and fatness.

  • When Launching October 2023

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