Ida Barr’s Mash Up at Festival of Thrift 2014

Ida Barr’s Mash Up at Festival of Thrift 2014

Along with our signature Fete this year at the Festival of Thrift, we’re bringing Ida to Darlington for one of her Mash Ups.

Musically pitched somewhere between Lady Gaga and Lord Haw-Haw, Ida Bar is the world’s only old-time music hall artiste turned Rap superstar. Following the success of her albums Artificial Hip Hop and Slipped Disco, she has been busy working with young people, elders, community choirs and musicians from across the city to create a mass intergenerational choral experience.

Music-hall singalong meets R&B pump and grind in this inspired musical fusion that will set toes tapping whether you’re a grandparent, a grandchild or somewhere in between. Join Ida and friends for the ultimate Music Hall/Hip Hop/Rap crossover – better than a sausage on a stick.

This event is part of Ida Barr’s Mash Up tour.

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