Giovanna Maria Casetta: Looking Good

Giovanna Maria Casetta: Looking Good

Giovanna Maria Casetta 
Kettles Yard Cambridge 24 March 2005
 home London 15 April 2005,

Looking Good was a new work by the Artist Giovanna Maria Casetta, specially commissioned by home London and Kettle’s Yard Cambridge. Filmed on location in the house at Kettles Yard, the work explores the issues surrounding the condition of depression, through the medium of 8mm film and performance. It looks at the taboos which still exist surrounding the condition and through the artists’ own experience, explores the way in which this suffering is often kept hidden or met with a refusal to be acknowledged.
The work continues Casetta’s exploration into the fragile relationship, which exists between the “Interior Self” and “Exterior Self”. In recent years her practice has developed and moved into the area of performative film. The choice of working in this media enhances the issues being sited as it merges the boundaries between the “real” and the “fabricated” The use of 8mm film is a deliberate choice as it has a quality to expose fragility and vulnerability.

  • When 24 March 2005
 + 15 April 2005,

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