Lucy Hutson presents BOUND

Lucy Hutson presents BOUND

BOUND is a lifelong project, a live documenting of Lucy’s development. It’s part-live performance and part-film installation.

BOUND is constantly changing and developing in both content and form as Lucy’s gender identity changes and develops.

It is a show about identities, the ones you give yourself, the ones forced onto you and the ones that were once strong and now you are just clinging on to.

More specifically it’s a show about breasts, gender and using urinals.

But mostly it is about baring all and coming clean.

“My identity feels stronger than ever but I don’t want to erase the past. I want to tell the story of how it feels to not fit into society’s categories and how long it takes to become comfortable in otherness. I find myself ageing in a world with an ever-growing vocabulary for gender identity, which makes me feel understood but seems symbiotic with a painful rift within feminism that I find suffocating. With BOUND I wish to explore where I came from and how far I’ve come.”

This event was part of the New Queers on the Block Weekender – Three days of performance, screenings and cabaret in venues across Hastings and St Leonards from 5-7 March 2020. It was shown as part of a Performance Double Bill with Oozing Gloop: Glooptopia


More about the artist

Lucy Hutson is a queer live artist and author

Lucy finds inspiration in her continued confusion and anger at the world she inhabits.

She is a Prosecco Anarchist making work that questions human nature and interrupts social order.

Image credits: Alice Denny

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