New Fragments

New Fragments

New Fragments is a bursary programme set up to support artists to develop their practice and enable them to continue their work during the Covid19 lockdown.

Each programme is created bespoke for what the artist/company needs right now and is either the continuation or the beginning of a mutual collaboration between Home Live Art and the artist.

New Fragments is part of the Knotty 2020: Fragments of a Festival programme.

New Fragments Artists

Sex Music

Sex Music is a performance and music collaboration from artists Catherine Hoffmann and Florence Peake. Formed in August 2016, these brazen eroto-clowns seek to revive you from your tinder-induced torpor with dildo beats and goddess grime – all in the name of Fem DIY. More info…

Rachael Young

Rachael is an award-winning artist and writer. Her interdisciplinary performance practice exists on the boundaries between live art, dance, contemporary theatre and socially engaged projects. Her work creates spaces for intersectional realities to be explored and celebrated and for alternative narratives and forms to evolve and be heard. Rachael’s Bursary is supported by Diverse Actions. More info…

Angel Rose with Oozing Gloop

Angel Rose is an interdisciplinary artist based in Hastings whose practice spans performance, writing, video and printed media. Since 2014 she has been working with Oozing Gloop, the only disabled artist in the UK using drag in conjunction with chaos magic to engineer public political spectacle.

Together they have created ‘The Serious Fun Funzine’, a zine which explored the philosophy of fun described by Dazed and Confused as “the rocky horror of self-publishing. More info…

Paris Grande

Paris Grande is an artist and activist based in Hastings.

Their work uses the lens of drag to explore world events and media portrayals of the “Good” and the “Bad”. They are co-founder of Hastings Rally Against Racism, a campaign group working in Hastings that seeks to raise awareness and promote education around issues of race. More info…


Header image: Rachael Young, NIGHTCLUBBING. Photographer Alice Denny  

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