Reignite: Artist Bursaries

Reignite: Artist Bursaries

A micro-bursary programme set up to support artists working within live performance to develop their practice and enable them to continue their work in these challenging times.

Each bursary is created bespoke for what the artist/company needs right now.

Applications for a new Reignite 2022 development fund offering a budget of £4,500 to support five artists to develop their practice with fellow creative practitioners have now closed and the successful applicants will be announced shortly.

Reignite 2021 Artists

Whiskey Chow: You must everywhere wander 你必顧盼

This work showcases an imaginative queer masculine body-scape, where the spices used in Chinese cooking grow as spectacular natural landscapes

It is a hybrid of filmed performance, CGI animation and sound art drawing on Chinese myth and a sense of belonging from an Asian queer diasporic perspective.

Whiskey Chow is a London-based performance artist and Chinese drag king.

You must everywhere wander 你必顧盼 debuted at ‘Queering Now 酷兒鬧 2021: Dreamality’

Local Foreigner: Just An Other Crossing

This project places audiences in the middle of a channel crossing journey using virtual reality and the live amplification of their heart beats.

A collaboration with photographer and film maker Manuel Vason who captured the artists journey across the channel in 360° film.

Local Foreigner makes work in response to the confused socio-political climate surrounding ideas of locality and foreignness.

Performed at Folkestone Fringe during the 2021 Triennial

Homosexual Death Drive: Poundbury

Homosexual Death Drive is going deep into the heart of power and nationhood in a major new work about monarchy, class, obsequiousness and irreverence.

Take a neuroqueer trip through garden centres, care services, wealth managers and posh supermarkets. No dividing or conquering, guaranteed.

Homosexual Death Drive is owned by Charlotte Cooper and explores some fancy ideas about people who are different through live art.

Pink Suits: Closet Bodies

A live dance theatre performance and multi media arts exhibition exploring gender roles, identity, fantasy, expression and the complexities of being ‘closeted’.

Through punk rage, dance improvisation, music and theatrical imagery pink suits immerse you into an imaginarium of gender non conformity and radical self love…

pink suits are a Non Binary, Queer Feminist Punk Rock & Rage duo based in Margate, UK

Eirini Kartsaki: LUXURIA

From the depths of the mediterranean, the darkest corners of the ocean emerges LUXURIA, the seaweed monster. Her labia is so long it resembles a beast, a beast, a linguine beast, her tummy is pushing, it’s pushing, and there is some seaweed coming out of her seaweed coming out of her seaweed coming out of her tubes, her eels, her eels, and she is lactating orange juice.

Eirini Kartsaki is a performance practitioner, writer and Lecturer in Drama at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex.

Tink Flaherty: Benched

“Sitting side by side with a stranger always makes me feel at ease, a feeling that I often struggle to achieve as an autistic person trying to connect in a neuro-typical world.”

Benched is an intimate performance about fleeting relationships with unlikely people in unlikely places. It’s about a search for spontaneous connection in a world that has us turning away from each other.​​​​​​​

Tink Flaherty is an artist making intimate, provocative work exploring disability, class and connectivity.

Rodent: The Big Bad Wolf

A cabaret performance for children ages 6+ exploring ideas around anxiety, joy and being your true self.

Rodent is a Creature Performer who comes out late at night….

Reignite (formally New Fragments) 2020 Artists

Sex Music

Sex Music is a performance and music collaboration from artists Catherine Hoffmann and Florence Peake.

Formed in August 2016, these brazen eroto-clowns seek to revive you from your tinder-induced torpor with dildo beats and goddess grime – all in the name of Fem DIY.

More info…

Rachael Young

Rachael is an award-winning artist and writer.

Her work creates spaces for intersectional realities to be explored and celebrated and for alternative narratives and forms to evolve and be heard.

More info…

Angel Rose with Oozing Gloop

Angel Rose is an interdisciplinary artist based in Hastings whose practice spans performance, writing, video and printed media.

Oozing Gloop is the only disabled artist in the UK using drag in conjunction with chaos magic to engineer public political spectacle.

Together they have created ‘The Serious Fun Funzine’

More info…

Paris Grande

Paris Grande is an artist and activist based in Hastings.

Their work uses the lens of drag to explore world events and media portrayals of the “Good” and the “Bad”.

New Fragments 2020 was part of the Knotty 2020: Fragments of a Festival programme.


Header images: Rachael Young, NIGHTCLUBBING. Photographer Alice Denny and Eirini Kartsaki, In A Way So Brutal. Photographer Christa Holka 

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