On The Edge

On The Edge

Hermione Allsopp & Claudia Kappenberg

Sunday 12 June 2022
Promenade Performance in Hastings Town Centre:
Castle St – Robertson Street – Harold Place Underpass – Seafront
2-5pm, Free

Artists Hermione Allsopp and Claudia Kappenberg collaborate for the first time, to develop an artistic intervention that combines sculpture and performance in Hastings town centre.

The event will build on Hermione’s sculptural use of found, interior objects and Claudia’s performance practice that examines spaces and patterns in the everyday. 

A group of performers will interact with the sculptures to create shifting constellations that travel along the edges of pavements, roads and properties, slowly migrating through the city centre.

Working with the mobility and weight of the sculptures and of their own bodies, the performers will attend to similarities and differences, the familiar and the strange.

As a journey with no end, this performance blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, objects and bodies, public and private.

Performed by Yumino Seki, Andrew Barker, Andrew Downs, Claudia Kappenberg.

Part of the Knotty Festival of Perfomance, a weekend of bold and joyful performances on the streets of Hastings and St Leonards.
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