PLAY ON at The Barbican

PLAY ON at The Barbican

As part of the Barbican Weekender we are presenting a trio of favourite HLA artists with interactions and activities curated to the theme of Shakespeare. Alongside our live programme we have also been commissioned to create and deliver the set design for the wider festival.

Hair as You Like it: Shakespeare Style by Ella Good and Nicki Kent

A mobile hair salon in a caravan.

An informal space where people can meet, sit, chat, look through photo albums, listen to music and have their hair cut or styled if they choose.

The hairdressing is themed around music. People can choose playlists with hairstyles to match, from The Kate Bush Bush, the 80’s  Power Mullet Montage, or Crimping Back to the 90’s.

New hairstyles specially invented for PLAY ON include: Ophelia, the fairies Puck and Titania, Queen Elizabeth and King Lear. Pop into the salon and be transformed!

Ella Good and Nicki Kent are artists whose work is cross disciplinary. They make lots of different things. The things they make are usually about meeting people, starting conversations and making social spaces.

Their work meets audiences outside of traditional arts institutions to create conversation and change around society itself – looking at how we, collectively, live.


Shakespeare The Filmmaker by Craftimation Station.

If Shakespeare were alive today he’d probably be Steven Spielburg. Modern technology would mean that he could impart his important messages and imaginative scripts on the big screen.

Take part in making a micro film using live action, stop motion animation and puppets. Discuss current issues and politics just like Shakespeare did, featuring current and historical figures of power including Barak Obama and the Queen. ‘Words, words, words’ said Shakespeare’s Hamlet – what words of importance will your characters say?

Learn how to plan a simple storyline using a storyboard, animate puppets and direct actors in order to have a voice about issues that are relevant for us today.

Suitable for all the family.


Much Ado About Bingo by Boogaloo Stu

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your Bingo Dabber! Back in the Elizabethan era, Shakespeare was considered to be the light-entertainment of the day. Fast-forward to the 20th Century and popular culture gave birth to BINGO! You are invited to join ’70s telly host and crimplene-clad showbiz legend Derek Daniels for a sensationally silly Shakespearean round of retro musical bingo. Listen carefully as Derek sings a medley of stupendous ’70s hits, whilst casually dropping Shakespearean quotes into his scintillating conversation. Grab your bingo card and tick off the songs and quotes as you hear them, in a frantic bid to win the Full House and claim your prize. Derek will be joined onstage by his old showbiz sidekick Ronnie Hazelnut at the piano.
  • When 4th and 5th March 2016
  • Time 11am
  • Where Barbican London

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