Rhiannon Armstrong

Rhiannon Armstrong

How we might have met (and might still yet)

For the 2020 Knotty Performance Festival I was due to bring a team of artists together to develop and present Can I Help You? roaming around Hastings town centre.

Can I Help You? offers free help to passers-by and the general public. There are no plans and no boundaries: anything goes, the only requirement is that we figure it out together.

Meeting strangers is a big part of what drives Can I Help You?. I have been remembering the people I met in the past performing this work and thinking about those I won’t meet on the streets of Hastings this year.

So, I have created How we might have met (and might still yet), an interactive online space. It is not a website, it is a conversation between past, present and future.

How we might have met (and might still yet) takes the form of a list of meetings with strangers that have taken place over the years. Some things to know about this space:

– You can listen to the text instead of reading it by pressing the speaker icon
– There is no going back: like in life we will meet once, then move on.
– Look out for a surprise meeting, the end may not come when you expect it.
– It will look best on a smartphone or tablet


This project is part of Knotty 2020: Fragments of a Festival, an online programme of performance fragments created by Knotty 2020 artists.

Can I Help You? was a co-commission between Home Live Art and Applause Rural Touring

How we might have met (and might still yet) illustration: Tom Armstrong.

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