Salty at Le Grand Mardi Gras Ball

Salty at Le Grand Mardi Gras Ball

Salty were thrilled to present a programme of live performance at The Alternative Ball Room during the Fat Tuesday Le Grand Mardi Gras Ball in February 2020.

We joined forces with our Hastings queer family The Fountain Pub and Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am to bring you one giant queer performance party.

This edition of Salty featured live performances from artists Harry Alexander, Homosexual Death Drive, Oozing Gloop and Katy Baird PLUS Lorraine Bowen, Mr Teds, Coco Canal and Tap on Tap.


Salty Programme 

Thick & Tight with Harry Alexander: Soup
Acclaimed dancer Harry Alexander channeled their inner Andy Warhol  in this explosive and challenging performance looking at our underlying desire to reveal our shared humanity.*

Homosexual Death Drive: Live Set
Established in 2010 in East London, DIY art punk band Homosexual Death Drive are Charlotte Cooper and Kay Isgay, two self-described fat, feminist, older, queer punks who invoke “the death drive, obscenity and the anti-social”.

Oozing Gloop: Unstoppable
Oozing Gloop is the world’s premier green queen with Asperger’s. Troublesome, camp and revolting she has a long history of attending protests, left-wing living, benefits scrounging, gig based economies, affirmative action, structural neglect, personal degradation and euphoric emancipation.

Katy Baird: Yes, its fucking Political!
Our very own Katy Baird presented a monstrous celebration of the world we live in right now.

Image credits: Harry Alexander image by  Rosie Powell, Oozing Gloop image by Manuel Vason, Katy Baird image by, Homosexual Death Drive image by Guido Mencari taken at SWAGGA performance in collaboration with Project O.

Slider images by Alice Denny

*Performance credits for Soup

Andy Warhol Harry Alexander

Choreography Thick & Tight (Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry)

Music Grace Jones, Lou Reed, Les Rita Mitsouko

Wig Made by Harry Alexander, styled by Darren Evans


  • When Saturday 22 February
  • Time 10pm-4am
  • Where White Rock Theatre, Hastings

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