Salty: Knotty Festival Edition

Salty: Knotty Festival Edition

Hastings’ iconic queer performance party featured as part of the 2019 Knotty Festival of Performance. 

This special Knotty Edition presented daring drag, experimental vocals and iconic dance routines with live performances from Oozing Gloop, Pink Suits and Adam Frost.

Salty is an inclusive space for LGBTQI+ folk and their allies to come together, dance, have fun, and enjoy some unforgettable queer performance.



More info about the artists:

Oozing Gloop is the worlds leading green autistic drag queen –Oozing Gloop arrived in performance art after failing a politics degree at the Queen Mary University of London. He/she/they/thee knocked Brighton Fringe’s socks off last year with the Gloop Show episode 2 and came back with the Marlborough Development Award. Darling of Glastonbury, Dame of the NYC down low, LADA, Arnolfini Ab Fab, Berlin Babe and East London Extraordinaire seasoned and salty there isn’t a stage she’s not stepped on worth remembering! (Fortunately people don’t) Utterly fab and full of zest Oozing Gloop is recently back from their 400-mile transvestite pilgrimage “THE AWESOME JOURNEY“ from the place of birth (Yorkshire) to the end of the UK. Unresolved issues from her seminal piece “THE AWFUL JOURNEY” inspired this; A one hundred mile journey from Norwich to London, in drag.

Pink Suits are the new Glam Rock! Born in the queer clubs and Cabaret bars. Pink suits are a PoliRock (aggressive/genderfuck/political rock) duo creating experimental performance that blurs the lines of form and practice. As a band, pink suits create aggressive political rock music as well as dance, physical theatre and film. The work is an exploration of fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and is a resistance of binary gender expectations. Pink suits make work that is loud and questions how our voices and bodies can be effective as a form of protest. Their work is a Genderfuck scream of frustration.


Adam Frost is a queer working class, British visual artist, fashion artist, performance artist, DJ and at times an extra in music videos and films. Frost is studying an MA in Fashion at the Royal College Of Art, studying MA Fashion. Frost takes inspiration from moments and happenings in everyday life such as death, depression, anxiety, heartache, all of which are biographical experiences. These such themes follow through all Frost’s practices’s. Frost graduated from Middlesex University London, with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design in 2017. Whilst studying Frost interned for Amelia Bebbington, Christopher Shannon and Ed Marler. Since graduating he went onto intern for Margo and Florence King. Frost has showcased three collection’s independently, as well as taking part in a number of visual art shows across London. Frost has been featured in VOGUE ITALIA, VOGUE CS, The Evening Standard, HUNGER, PANSY & WONDERLAND.

Salty was part of the Knotty festival of performance that took place from 6-9 June 2019.

Image: Edythe Woolley, taken by Manuel Vason

Slider images by Alice Denny

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