Storytime Science

Storytime Science

After the success of Home Live Art’s Science Alternative Village Fete in 2013, we’ve been asked to return to Royal Holloway University to deliver another Fete where science and live art collide in unexpected ways…Exploring the theme of Storytime Science, there will be no fewer than ten of the country’s leading artists presenting weird and wonderful stalls for all of the family to enjoy at Super Science Saturday on 1st March.

The line-up of artists include:

At Home in the Future, by Eleanor Shipman

Join artist Eleanor Shipman to become an architect of the future! What will our future homes look like? What materials will they be made of? What sort of communities will we live in? What sort of climate will we need to protect ourselves from? Create your own architectural model of your future home and add your vision to our futuristic display.

Schmug by Brian Lobel, Susannah Hewlett and Steve Nice.

Tired of mugs and glass which cause neck or upper nose pain?  Have one of our Schmug technicians interview you and photograph your nose. Within minutes, a prototype of your personalised Schmug may be available to take home with you.

 Animated Space by Janey Moffatt / Craftimation Factory

In our space themed world you will have the chance to animate handknitted Clanger puppets using stop motion software, make pom pom planets for our hanging galaxy  and record space sounds using slide whistles and other effects. All whilst learning some important facts about space travel!

Tele-kinesis like Mathilda by Jenny Edbrooke

Edbrooke will explore the power of the human mind in simple experiments that will prove that it is possible to move molecules and change physical structures. Together we will learn how to harness and channel positive thoughts to turn evil into good and to use Telekines to heal ourselves… and the world. The Matilda revolution starts here.

The Confused Time-Travellers’ Explanation Booth by Made in China

Jess and Tim are time-travellers. And they’re very, very confused. They’ve time-travelled one too many times and forgotten the Order Of Things. Did the dinosaur’s get too into cars and cause the polar ice caps to melt? And is that what caused the Big Bang thing everyone goes on about? And when did the Ancient Egyptians turn into reptiles and discover fire?

Jess and Tim haven’t give up hope of working this all out. They’ve set up an Explanation Booth, and they want YOU to come and set the story straight.And they’ve got a stash of scientifically-engineered  popping candy for the best storytellers who help them out.

To Squish or Not To Squish

presented by entomologist Lucia Chmurova and curated in conjunction with zoologist Dr Tim Cockerill.


This year Royal Holloway University research departments have also been getting been getting involved in the creative process, and the following artists have made their stalls based on their research:

Space Agency – From Invisible to Visible by Helen Schell

Asking what is real when looking at visible and invisible matter. Responding to the research of the Physics department.

The Pinnochion by L H Trevail

A collection of activities and games exploring how humans think computers work. Responding to the research of the Computer Science Department.

Card Clash by Richard Dedomenici

This month London Underground launched a new campaign highlighting the issue of ‘Card Clash’:
Current TfL advice is to separate contactless payment cards into separate wallets, which may not always be practical.
Visitors are invited to make their own Anti-Card Clash wallets, made from gaffer tape and tin foil, designed to shield other contactless cards from one’s Oyster, thereby reducing the chances of Card Clash.
A collaboration with Royal Holloway’s Information Security department, which has a long and proud history of world-class research into all areas of information and cyber security, and boasts the dedicated Smart Card Centre.

Where the Wild Bits Are by Rachel Mars

What makes you furious? Where do you feel it and what do you do about it. In ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Max runs through the house , smashes things with a hammer and ends up mastering a land of monsters.

Enter a personalised RAGE ARENA, take some choices about where to put your anger and go home with some peace of mind (or a piece of mashed up crockery)

Rachel Mars worked with the psychology department of RHUL to create an interactive experience based on Maurice Sendak’s 1963 classic story for children (and big children).

  • When 1st March 2014
  • Time 10am - 4pm
  • Where Royal Holloway University

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