Street Dance: Lone Twin

Street Dance: Lone Twin

Nott Dance Festival 2009 Sadler’s Wells London September 2010 Dance East Ipswich October 2010 Sydney Australia January 2011

‘its beautiful to see something like a street as a stage, where little everyday things and normal people suddenly become epic’ Street Dance participant

Street Dance is a participatory dance project which develops a bespoke social dance which passes through communities, families and households, picking up participants of all ages and abilities as it grows. Street Dance is a playful and moving act of storytelling: using the local to describe the universal and creating a shared social space. Through a series of personal and everyday stories about lives on their street, this community of ‘non-dancers’ welcome you onto their doorstep, ready to show us how it is to live and dance together.

Created and directed by Lone Twin artistic directors Gary Winters and Gregg Whelan, working with choreographers Jane Mason and Anna Williams in the UK and Julie Anne Long in Australia. Lone Twin have been making performance events since 1997, enjoying critical and popular acclaim throughout the world.

Street Dance is supported by The Arts Council of England, Dance4, Dance East, Sadler’s Wells, The British Council, Sidney Festival

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