The Alternative Village Fete at Latitude Festival 2014

The Alternative Village Fete at Latitude Festival 2014

Join Home Live Art for an Alternative Village Fete exploring secrets and lies at Latitude Festival 2014. Try your hand at Hook the Duck with a covert edge or play consequences with a crafty Mark Zuckerburg. Exercise your psychic powers, test your ethics with apples, be taken in by sideshow spin or purge your guilt in an intimate phone confessional.

Found in the depths of the Faraway Forest, we’d like you to come just as you are, perhaps share a secret encounter and leave us just a little bit different.

Expect a sideways slant on the traditional fete out where the folklore is activism, interactions are classified, and the craft-making is radical.

Featured artists and installations for 2014:

Dr. Sparks and Miss Electra by Tim Cockerill

Miss Electra will be charged with thousands of volts of electricity but still she survives! She lights fluorescent bulbs at her fingertips and ignites a fire torch with her tongue. She pops corks from bottles with an electrified flash as the strange fluence travels through her body.  What’s more, brave volunteers from the audience can attempt to take objects from Miss Electra’s hand but are unable to do so due to her electrified aura.


The Animated Consequences Game by The Craftimation Station

At a time when the pantomime of global power grows ever more random – the Craftimation Factory offers you the opportunity to play the paper parlour game consequences and act out the serendipitous events through the magical medium of stop motion puppet animation. Will Putin meet David Ike in Area 51? What will Edward Snowden say to the Ghost of Osama Bin Laden? What will the world make of it all? And what will the consequences be? Find the truth at The Animated Consequences Game.


The Apple Cart by fanSHEN

Sisters Meryl, Beryl and Cheryl are on their way to Buckingham Palace with a cartload of magic apples for the Queen. Except somewhere between St Albans and Biggleswade, they took a wrong turning so now they’re here – with an unruly compendium of three-dimensional games which suggest that beneath their lavender-scented, rose-tinted exteriors, something peculiar is going on…


Mind over Matter by Jenny Edbrooke

Edbrooke will be help participants to connect with their inner telekinetic and telepathic powers in order to complete a range of tasks and challenges. These short sessions will encourage people to re-assess their understanding of science and perceived reality in favour of unleashing the real truth of the power of the human mind


Guilt and shame hotline with Rebekah brooks… by Catherine Hoffmann

Rebekah Brooks offers her confessional phone hacking service, allowing you to disclose your tales of shame and then with a series of fun activities and songs purge your guilt.


The What Have You Got to Hide Tombola by Rachel Mars

‘If you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to hide’. Come and find out just how bad you’ve been, and see what you can win when you gamble with your personal information!


Bouche à Oreille by  Tom Marshman

The key to a good eavesdropping is to never get caught.
Tom Marshman invites you to share the latest festival gossip, in this light-hearted and playful one-to-one experience.


 Me If You Lose by L H Trevail

We never told you life was fair. Hook a duck to find what lies beneath..

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