The Alternative Village Fete at Thrift Festival 2014

The Alternative Village Fete at Thrift Festival 2014

0For the second year we’re proud to present a Thrify-themed Fete in association with the Festival of Thrift on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September 2014.

Home Live Art’s Alternative Village Fetes are energetic, celebratory events that appeal to a huge audience range. They are a platform for new work and ideas within the broad theme of ‘the British Fete’ with a participatory and multidisciplinary approach to the programme content that encompasses live and performance installations, live music, communal dance, craft, food and produce. The Alternative Village Fete context provides the opportunity for contributing artists to test new ideas and make new work around specific themes.


Nu-urban Gardeners from Chris Lewis-Jones and Simon Withers

Nu-urban Gardeners encourage participants/visitors to think about their relationship with the earth and the importance of thrift, recycling and conservation… whilst having fun making miniature gardens.


Car Boot Disco Bingo by Megan Clark-Bagnall and Jasmine Loveys

Disco Jazz & Bingo Meg bring you Carboot Disco Bingo! An interactive experience: part dance lesson, part party, part performance, part bingo. Think Donna Summer down the gala! And all coming out the boot of our dinky disco van.


Full Circle by Beccy McCray

“Beauty can be found in unexpected places…”

‘Full Circle’, is a playful, touring installation artwork, which uses thousands of tiny ‘hole-punches’ This physically immersive installation is a reflection on consumption and the vast amount of waste we generate – and the impact this has on our fragile environment.

Creative workshops run alongside the installation, where you can discover how to make your own hole-punch art, thus connecting feelings of self-expression and excitement with sustainability and resourcefulness instead of waste.

Created in co-ordination with ONCA: One Network for Conservation and the Arts. cropped-0-ONCA-LOGO-HEADER-01


The Craftimation Factory

Join The Craftimation Factory in order to make your very own knitted puppet and then bring it to life through the use of stop motion animation.  Remember Morph?!  The Clangers?!  Now’s your chance to let your imagination run wild. Irresistible to children and adults alike.  No skill needed in order to take part in this activity.  Using simple and cheap materials and technology that is available to most people.


Shane Waltener

‘If the heart of the home is a kitchen, the heart of the city should be the workshop’ 

‘Don’t recycle, remake!’

‘An ideal city is one without a landfill’

Consumer society knows increasingly little about the materials and objects it uses and throws away and has us buy into other people’s vision rather than develop our own. With this in mind this project aims to create a space that celebrates making and changes our perception of the materials and objects that surround us, while establishing a connection between these and the environment we live in.

Using green waste and locally sourced hedgerow materials, this project will make a connection between sustainable making and the immediate environment. The outcome will be an evolving woven architectural installation onto which participants’ creations will be added and then later taken away.


fanSHEN presents The Apple Cart

The Apple Cart is an unruly compendium of three-dimensional games for families, people who like to laugh and people who’d like things to be a bit different. Sisters Meryl, Beryl and Cheryl will guide you through a series of playful interactive performances which ask you to look twice at the world you live in and decide what really matters. Accompanied by a pedal-powered soundtrack of the sisters’ favourite power ballads, The Apple Cart is a gentle intervention which invites you to take things slower, find creative solutions and become aware of your own agency in shaping a different future.


The Thrift Jack Press by Adam Bligh

I will construct a large working press out of wood and other recycled materials and combine a simple car jack in the structure in order to get enough pressure to print from handmade printing blocks and type.

Visitors will be invited to make their own printing blocks and type using scrap materials. This could be in the form of collagraph printing, lino printing, soft woodcarving etc. Throughout the day we could recreate the whole alphabet for a new thrifty font!

Participants will gain knowledge on the history of the printing press as well as ideas on how to make homemade presses using a simple rolling pin. They will be able to print their designs on a range of materials that they can take away and/or display within the stall on drying lines.


Lottie Smith

Come and join in at the fortress of fun. A den made from found and recycled items, from cardboard boxes to old sheets, plastic bottles to empty tins and everything in between.

Stop by, play, explore, and then make your own versions of some of the homemade instruments found within. Let your imagination run wild, breathe some life into old rubbish, invent something new and add to the cacophony of noise.

New toys for everyone. Huzzah!


Edicures from Ilana Mitchell of Wunderbar

Edicures: edible manicures for the ethically minded – and sweet lovers.

A biodegradable, delicious, unisex, non-toxic, non-permanent fashion accessory, and a legitimiser for thumbsucking and nailbiting.

We’ll be offering full impact edible manicures to festival attendees as well as DIY kits to take home.

Edicures is a new business idea brought to you through Wunderbar’s Wunderbiz project.



The Festival of Thrift is the UK’s biggest festival of up-cycling, simpler living and finding the magic of re-making stuff so it looks good and lasts longer. It will include performances, exhibitions, workshops, activities, stalls and food and drink, The Festival is directed by Stella Hall and produced by David Bilton (DGB Events).

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