The Hastings Queer History Collective

The Hastings Queer History Collective

The Hastings Queer History Collective are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to collecting, preserving, and sharing the queer history of Hastings and the surrounding area.

Formed in early 2020 to enhance the visibility of queer history embedded in Hastings Museum & Art Gallery’s collections their aim is to create a more inclusive and accepting community for everyone.

Working collaboratively with E-J Scott (Founder of the Museum of Transology), Home Live Art and the Hastings Museum & Art Gallery Team, their past projects include:

Queer History Trail Map, a walking Trail of objects with LGBTQIA+ histories in the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery collection. Featuring objects selected by the Collective the Map is a fun and important reminder of the importance of preserving and sharing LGBTQ+ history.

‘We’re here. We’re queer.’ exhibition, showcasing personal objects related to the participants lives and wider LGBTQIA+ narratives, featuring a series of videos created by the collective exploring the history of each object.

Following these successful LGBTQIA+ history projects, the Collective is now seeking new members to work on their next programme of activities. Whether you are an experienced historian, a skilled researcher, or just someone who is passionate about LGBTQIA+ history, we welcome you to apply – email Hannah to do so.

The Collective is funded and produced by Hastings Museum and Art Gallery with support from Home Live Art and the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund, delivered by the Museums Association.

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