The Home Live Art Exchange at Latitude Festival

The Home Live Art Exchange at Latitude Festival

Nestled in the depths of the Faraway Forest, Home Live Art returns to Latitude Festival with the ever-changing and unexpected Home Live Art Exchange. Pop by and you may find a utopian world of your own making, an opportunity to swap woes with a friend or even the rare chance to truly understand your neighbours.

What happens here depends on what you bring – whether it’s sharing thoughts, dreaming of the future, partaking in games, songs, conversations or meaningful quests. Whatever happens it’s on your terms…come and go or stay and play.

This year’s Home Live Art Exchange interactions and performances:

The Garden of Love by The Forest of Thoughts – trade skills, kindness and inspiration, or simply relax with some gentle crafting.

A Cup of Sugar by  Emma Frankland – explore who really is behind your neighbour’s door, and confess your sins of the past – what did you borrow and never return?

Free Lunch With The Stenchwench by Catherine Hoffmann – in these times of austerity, the StenchWench will tap into our collective spirit of generosity by rummaging about in the world of charity and sharing of resources.

House About This Then  by – Rachel Mars invites participants to attempt to value their neighbouring properties.

What’s Behind the Door? by Tom Marshman – would like to talk to you about any rendezvous with nearby residents. From the political to the raunchy every door will be opened up.

Much Ado About Bingo by Boogaloo Stu – 70’s crimplene-clad telly host Derek Daniels offers a sensationally silly and slightly Shakespearean round of retro musical bingo.


  • When Friday 15th & Saturday 16th July 2016
  • Time 9pm - 1am
  • Where Latitude Festival

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