The Home Live Art Exchange at Latitude Festival

The Home Live Art Exchange at Latitude Festival

Join Home Live Art’s cosy corner of the Faraway Forest for a unique programme of artists’ interactions. Pop by and you may find: temporary edible manicures for the non-committal (and the peckish), a proposition generator for those seeking life change, a fresh take on couple counseling for lovers and haters, a build your own city game, your very own breakup celebration and a chance to embrace your inner fan.

What is made here depends on what you bring – whether it’s swapping secrets, sharing thoughts, partaking in games, songs, conversations or meaningful quests, it all happens on visitors’ own terms… come and go, stay and play.

Artist line-up includes:

The World Famous Proposition Generator by Emma Frankland

Having business woes?
Contractual difficulties?
Unrequited LOVE? !
Let our fully trained, passionate and conscientious staff assist
in creating a bespoke PROPOSAL for you! !
Using state of the art vintage equipment the World Famous
Cyrano Proposition Generator will dispense a bespoke and
unique proposal for use at your discretion.
Totally FREE OF CHARGE (though not of responsibility).

Divorce-Me-Happy by Rachel Mars

All things come to an end. This way, you’re going to have a great time as everything crumbles.
Come with your friends, lovers, colleagues and make your own bespoke action plan for when the sh*t hits the fan.

Capital City (The Regeneration Game) by Boogaloo Stu

Play the Capital City board game with Boogaloo Stu, exploring the world of inner city hyper-gentrification, and how it is destroying communities. Your Capital City is being hollowed out by greed and left for dead; the bankers and landlords are buying up land to build faceless flats. But can you stop them before they bulldoze all of the community charm from your city centre?

Fan Riot ft. The Three Annas by Owen G.Parry

The Three Annas is a fictional band imagined into existence by you – its adoring fans! They are holding a press conference for their first single “Everything but the band”. Show your love and appreciation and you’ll have the chance to win exclusive “backstage” passes, and limited edition merch! #realbandssavefans

Angus and Diana’s Couple Counselling by Catherine Hoffmann and Dickie Beau

Swap identities with your significant other and answer those nitty gritty questions about your relationship –

If your relationship was a film which one would it be? What was the best moment in your relationship so far? Do you make a good partner? Which of your flaws would you like to be treated generously? When was the last time you said I love you?…

According to your answers Angus and Diana will pick the appropriate tasks including power ballad duet to help you on your way to a more loved up collaboration. You don’t know what you are going to get with Angus and Diana but each experience will be strangely unforgettable.

Edicures by Ilana Mitchell of Wunderbar

Edible manicures for the ethically minded, closet nailbiters and sweet lovers.
Edicures are biodegradable, delicious, unisex, non-toxic, non-permanent fashion accessories – easy, fun-to-remove alternatives to conventional nail polishes and extensions.
Our specially trained Edicurists will be run an intimate salon during Latitude where you share your secrets, whether that be thumbsucking, late night sugar cravings, tattoo addictions or onychophagia*,safe in the knowledge that all Edicurists, like lawyers and doctors, consider their client conversations privileged.
100% edible
100% handmade
100% vegetarian.
A Wunderbiz project from Wunderbar.


  • When 17th & 18th July
  • Time 4pm till late
  • Where Latitude Festival

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