The Shimmy

The Shimmy

‘Graeme Miller’s Track was a chance to embrace a vivid re-orientation, to look up and wonder at our earth-bound clumsiness’ Louise Gray, critic & writer.

The Shimmy was the major outdoor event for Wandsworth Arts Festival 2010 and presented spectacular artist’s performances, interactions, workshops and activities which invited the audience to get involved big time! Such as: Graeme Miller’s ‘Track’ where in an individual dolly audience members were tracked, camera-style, underneath Wandsworth Parks amazing 300m avenue of trees, Encounters who created an imaginary narrative in Deodar Rd mixing the normal elements of life with performances by artists and residents of the street, The Wandsworth Wag Dog Show & Shimmy Pet-Tastic ‘the canine art social event of the year’ and festival favourites, Disco Shed.

Participants: Graeme Miller, Encounters, The Wandsworth Wag Dog Show, Shimmy Pet-Tastic (Rachael House), Disco Shed, The Pump House Gallery mobile cinema, The Big Dance Bus, Tara Arts, Holly Gramazio & The Post-card Project, Shape, The Shimmy Mass Choir, The Royal Academy of Dance, Bubblegum Dancers, Joule, BSupreme.

Supported by: Wandsworth Council, The Arts Council of England, The Heritage Lottery Fund

  • When 2010

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