Home Live Art produce live events across Hastings, the South East and beyond. From the large scale spectacular to the intimate encounter, we bring audiences and artists together to create extraordinary shared experiences.

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Excited that @thervt are bringing to Hastings #Rubbed, their new Xmas pantomime for adults, happening at @MaryintheCastle on 1 Dec - oh er missus!!


12 Dec join @thisisliveart for a screening of @Chakravarthio 'Barflies'. A film offering representations of the different investments in femininities embodied by transvestites + cross-dressers, the pleasures, fears + dangers of being in public ‘en femme’

fancy exploring fandom, desire and consumption? ‘Poor Life by dog people’ featuring @_fanriot and @bemilybrichards explores the production of minor languages and new image worlds through amateur-expertise. Running throughout November @Transitionart in London

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