Artist Development: Samuel Lyon Spice

Artist Development: Samuel Lyon Spice

Home Live Art are currently supporting Hastings based artist Samuel Lyon Spice on the development of their new work The Sock Project for the Knotty Festival of Perfomance in June 2020.

The Sock Project

Using a multi-disciplinary practice including performance and installation, The Sock Project explores the relationship of objects and images related to gay socio-sexual environments.

These Backstreet nightclubs, saunas and fetish events are home to the communities which have inspired this project.

Socks are personal. Sock are Dirty. Socks are intimate.

Socks with stories. Special socks which have been lifted form their everyday status and become fetishized.

This project explores the way these objects can go beyond the everyday and become revered in within circles of the gay community, from seedy sportswear nights to shared intimate moments.

So let’s talk socks.

Dirty White Socks!

Samuel Lyon Spice Website

Photo credit: Samuel Lyon Spice, Pitchblack. Image courtesy of the artist

This artist development project is in part supported by Foreshore Charitable Trust.

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