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Embrace the Place

Embrace the Place was a Tate Local event, produced by home live art in collaboration with Tate Britain. The event ran in partnership with City West Homes ‘Great Communities Day’, which took place in and around the Tate site and the streets & estates adjacent to Tate Britain.

‘It was a brilliantly engaging event: the concept clearly set a new tone to the meaning, community‘ audience member.

‘I had a wonderful time it was as if the countryside came to Millbank!’ audience member.

‘It was amazing to see such a great turnout. Projects such as Embrace the Place are helping to inform how we develop the Millbank campus in the future, making better connections wit hour local communities, the river and improved amenities for our visitors’ Donald Hyslop, Head of Regeneration & Community Partnerships.

The project was informed by a wide range of local histories, passions and aspirations and hosted a series of artists’ interventions delivered in partnership with local communities, that explored and enlivened spaces and places around Tate Britain: from a series interactive of ‘Mini Urban Parks’ created in parking bays by up to 15 artists & groups, to an alternative hanging garden by Andrew Kearney, a display of outlandish man-powered vehicles by Francis Thorburn to music by bicycle-powered DJ’s Magnificent Revolution and live folk from the award-winning Magpie’s Nest.

Artists/participants included: Buying Xanax Online IllegalXanax Online 2015Can I Buy Xanax From CanadaXanax Cheapest OnlineCan You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In UkOrdering AlprazolamPurchasing Xanax In MexicoBuy Yellow Xanax Bars Online &I Want To Buy Alprazolam OnlineXanax Online CheapBuy Cheap Xanax Online UkXanax Canada OnlineBuy Alprazolam Online Uk & Where To Order Xanax Online Forum,Xanax Illegal Buy OnlineBuy Alprazolam ChinaTorn Cheapest XanaxCheap Xanax BarsUk Xanax OnlineBuy Xanax Sleeping Pills & Buy Xanax Us OnlineHow To Get Prescribed Xanax OnlineXanax To Buy

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